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Hey guys, it's me, Polar Bear... As you can see, that new layout thing worked out pretty well... Do you guys like it? Anyway, I've got the basic pages up and running, but some of them are works in progress... Yeah, that would be the items on the menu that don't have links. I'm trying to add an iframe now so there won't be so many popup windows... And just to let you know, I've added my own personal fanfiction, A Love So Bittersweet, under the fanfiction section. Please read it... And feel free to send me reviews at!

::..update log..::

02/17/03 - Early in the morning... *lol* Well, all the pages that I have up now fit into the css template, so it doesn't look completely screwed up now... I still haven't added the iframe... I guess I'm just too lazy. I did add a link to the seventh chapter of A Love So Bittersweet, and I am continuing to try and keep the other fanfictions updated as well... If you would like your fanfiction posted on my site, feel free to email me a link or the story itself. And contrary to what the page looks like, I accept MORE than just Buffy and Spike couplings. They're just the stories I have up right now. Thanks to you guys, and remember any feedback is greatly appreciated.

02/16/03 - The new layout is up and running... The Buffy the Vampire Slayer game information, screenshots and etc... have been temporarily removed due to space issues on Tripod. I may or may not add these back in... I don't know...

The months in between - I haven't not done anything... It's just been minor changes that I can't remember the date I fixed them... I long for the days when I don't have to worry more about school and homework...

07/06/02 - Added fanfic pages, fixed menu and the textbox thingy

07/05/02 - Added Buffy Xbox game screenshots, weapons, characters, and other info

07/04/02 - Worked on dollmaker, added some props

07/03/02 - Made new, better layout

07/02/02 - Added some props to the Buffy dollmaker

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